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chip /tʃɪp/  

(countable noun) Usage note: This is the usual term used by all speakers.

A flattish, crispy piece of fried potato, usually salted and often with other flavours added, sold in packets. It is called a ‘crisp’ in the UK. The phrase ‘hot chips’ is used to distinguish the fatter, hot version of chips, eaten with meals or as a snack.

Example 1: P.J. looked down his nose at Jo before grabbing a packet of chips from the basket on the bar. "Nah, not salt and vinegar, chicken," she called with a smile as she dropped her coat over the back of her chair and sat down at the table next to Ben.(  

Example 2: The food went down well - steak and eggs and a plate of hot chips. (

Chips and chip packets

(photo by Julia Miller)