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Vegemite /ˈvɛdʒəmaɪt/   

(uncountable noun, countable noun) Usage note: ‘Vegemite’ is the usual term used by all speakers.‘Happy little Vegemite’ is used by some speakers, often from the older age groups.

1  (uncountable noun) A strong salty paste which people spread on bread and butter or toast and butter. Vegemite is very Australian. It is a bit like English Marmite, but thicker and less sharp in its taste.

Example: But on the Qantas flight in, my wife and I took an instant liking to Vegemite on toast and to all things Australian. (

2 (countable noun) If someone is called ‘a happy little Vegemite’ it means they are a contented person.

Example: I'll be a happy little Vegemite when all our favourite SMH pages render correctly in Firefox.  (


Jars of Vegemite on sale at a supermarket

(photo by Julia Miller)