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Anzac Day /ˈænzæk deɪ/   

(countable noun) Usage note: This is the usual term used by all speakers.

A day of remembering and a public holiday on 25 April. ANZAC stands for ‘Australian and New Zealand Army Corps’, and 25 April is the anniversary of the major battle these soldiers fought in Gallipoli (Turkey) in 1915 during the First World War. Anzac Day often starts with a dawn service, at which people remember Australians and New Zealanders who have served or died for their countries in wars or similar situations. This is often followed by a march by people associated with the armed forces.

Example: We recently held a major event for Anzac day and when The Last Post was being played, we dimmed the hall to near darkness and then, when the Reveille was being played we lit up a large Australian flag to great effect. ( 

The Anzac Day march in Adelaide

(photo by Julia Miller)